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Craft Boutique (ABN 44 685 846 765) is an online only store specialising in cross stitch, long stitch and needlepoint/tapestry kits from quality suppliers such as Anchor, DMC, Dimensions, Country Threads, Bothy Threads and various other international suppliers.  Whether your needlework skill level is beginner, intermediate or advanced we are sure that you will find a project of interest within our product range.  We haven’t forgotten projects for the kids either with a range of stitching projects to keep them occupied for hours.

We also specialise in providing high quality cross stitch kits for babies and children.  A personalised cross stitch is the perfect way to decorate a nursery, and makes great gifts for expectant parents, so whether you are making a cross stitch for your own child or grandchild, or for a friend, they will add colour and a personal touch to their nursery or room.

Our cross stitch, long stitch and needlepoint/tapestry kits are more than just a fun way to enjoy your sewing hobby; they are works of art. Whether you want to improve your skills, or add a delightful piece to your home, our kits come in a range of different styles and subjects, from beautiful scenic landscape pieces to amazingly detailed animal portraits. We regularly update our kits, and with over two hundred and fifty designs to choose from, there is a crafting project to suit everyone.

Cross stitch, long stitch, and needlepoint/tapestry make great hobbies and crafts to take part in. They are perfect for any age or skill level and are a way to express your creatively. Our kits make great gifts for those looking to start their arts and crafts journey or take their skills to a whole new level. The finished pieces are gorgeous, and with the help of our kits, they look like professional needlework. Whether you leave your work in the hoop, hang it in a frame, or turn it into an amazing pillow or tapestry, they make for beautiful handmade presents that your friends and family can see and feel the love and effort put into them.

As well as our kits, we also offer a range of accessories and tools to help you to get started on your  cross stitch, long stitch and needlepoint/tapestry journey. Craft Boutique is your one stop shop for high quality hoops, needles and organisers, so you can have everything you need to create a beautifully sewn work of art.

With affordable prices and high quality brands to choose from Craft Boutique is the top provider of stunning art pieces that you can make entirely by yourself.


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